Why Invest Now in the Albanian Tourism Sector?

  • 2017 Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Albania surpassed US $1 billion, and PM Edi Rama expects further growth in 2018.

  • Albania boasts a 1.4% annual increase in trained tourism personnel, making all future ventures more profitable and shorten time to profitability.

  • The government is actively working to support the development of tourist resorts, with a focus on-but not limited to-the southern coastline with emerging Hotel franchise opportunities. Albania is offering favourable terms to five-star hotel brands with tax breaks, including reduced profit and property taxes, among other tax breaks.(*)

  • The Government is adopting a unified investment law, aiming to streamline strategic investments by focusing on legal guarantees and offering a ‘fast track’ instrument to support investors kick off their investment.

  • Strategic investments can be private, public, or public–private investments in the tourism industry and all related industries such as: transport, telecommunications, infrastructure and technology.

  • The opportunities to develop marinas are ever-increasing while, with boat and small yachts services representing promising opportunities.

* Under the new incentive package, as of January 1, 2018, newly built 4* and 5* hotels will benefit from 10-year tax exemptions, neither will they be required to pay infrastructure taxes. VAT in the tourism sector will also drop, from the current level of 20% down to 6%

Reasons to Invest in the Albanian Tourism Industry

  • Favorable geographical position

  • Low operating costs

  • Attractive tourism investment incentives

  • Beautiful and intact 426 km coastline

  • Leading Sub-Sectors

  • Marinas

  • Leisure Boats

  • Upscale hotel accommodations

  • Construction materials

  • Large demand for tourism services, especially business-related travel

  • Vast availability of ready-to-build-on locations

  • Hotel franchise opportunities

  • Upscale hotel accommodations

  • Large demand for design, architectural, and engineering services

  • Increasing demand for construction materials

  • Excellent climate conditions all-year-long

Originally from Albania Summit

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