Visit Albania 2018

Albania is an unknown destination for so many people but it needn’t be. It’s a beautiful country with a fascinating history and culture dating back thousands of years. It’s a safe and affordable destination and with more airlines planning to offer cheap flights, it’s about to become much more accessible.  Albania offers a remarkable array […]

Best Sea in 2018 Albania

Albania’s rugged coastline, with traditional villages nestled in isolated bays and golden beaches lapped by turquoise waters, was a revelation when travellers first started discovering the country a decade ago. Since then Europe’s last untouched beaches have changed almost beyond recognition, but there’s still plenty of reason to come here and explore this magnificent coastline […]

Buying in Albania

Albania lies between Greece to the south and Montenegro to the north – and only 72km from Italy, where the Strait of Otranto squeezes the Adriatic to its narrowest point. Throw in the fact that it has 476km of coastline, and you’re left wondering why this Mediterranean pearl isn’t more widely recognized. The main reason is […]

Perfect House, Perfect Spouse? How Finding Your Dream Home Is Like Dating

Originally on Huffington Post Do you prefer them long and narrow? Clean and well-maintained? With heavenly hardscapes and a nice backyard? Most women don’t know what they want in a home until they have explored their options. Sound familiar? Shopping for a home isn’t so different from dating, as I learned firsthand while trolling New […]

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